On this page we have tried to answer the most common questions to various topics. For your ease of finding what you are looking for follow the color coded sections. 


How much does it cost to become a member?
$20.- for indivuals and only $25.- for a whole family

Do I have to own a horse to become a member?
No. However, KTRA does not provide horses for trail rides. If you do want to join an actual trail ride you will need to have access to a horse you are allowed to use. 

Can I bring a friend to a ride who is not a member?
Yes you can. KTRA charges depending on the type of ride between $5.- and $10.- for non-members.


Where are the trail rides being held?
In various locations such as state parks and sometimes private ranches around Kentucky and neighboring states.

Are the rides ok for novice riders?
We recommend that you have sufficient riding skills to control your horse outside of an arena at all speeds. Depending on group size we sometimes split the group into a "slow group" and "fast group". It is your responsibility to choose according to your skill level. 

Do I have to ride English or Western?
All styles of riders are welcome English as well as Western?

Do I have to wear a helmet?
We do not have a helmet requirement. It is your personal choice which safety gear if any your wish to use. 

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