About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Kentucky Trail Riders Association is an association of equestrian trail riders. We are bonded by the love of pleasure horses, experiencing the beautiful trails available to us, and sharing this with our family and friends. We schedule trail rides across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri. We hold regular rides, meetings, trail rider events, fun shows, and social gatherings. On the trail we enjoy the company of our members and ride safely to ensure members and non-members remain safe. We will always render assistance when needed to members and non-members alike. Our new goal for 2013 is fun, safe, and happy trails. The only effort required of our members is to respect other riders, property owners, and state parks and to be safe and have a good time. As an association we will support the efforts of other state and local organizations that benefit our interest.

Kentucky Trail Riders Association
will work smarter not harder.

Our Creed
"Our heavenly father, thank you for the opportunity to work and play with the wonderful folks at the Kentucky Trail Riders Association. We ask as we journey together that you guide us with the surefootedness of our mounts. Never let us forget although we may ride different disciplines we are all traveling the same trail with one common cause. Bless our work. May the fruits of our efforts guarantee many open, safe, and happy trails for the riders we represent.
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